The RAF Ski and Snowboard Championships are created for the needs for all people in Royal Air Forces that has the needs to spend more time in physical exercises, dedicated servers, sports and love to join in different competitions. Every January in European Ski Resort the most prominent athletes among RAF soldiers have a meeting of the snowy slopes to compete in two main areas - skiing and snowboarding. of course nobody expects high performance and record results - race is mostly for those with an adventurous spirit, led by its sporting spirit. That’s why athletes are divided into non-professional categories from Beginner to Expert. And to stimulate participants and support their enthusiasm, only for Expert’s category are required fee, others are free.

Special attention is paid on The Inter-Station Champions (Team event) and the RAF Male and Female Individual Champions. Building an effective, cohesive team is very difficult. But it is easy. I want to say that teamwork does not require any great intellectual insights or virtuoso tactics. It's simply the courage and perseverance. So, if you are determined to strengthen his team and manage to infect with this idea and its other members will most likely succeed. And in case you're not sure whether it is worth the time and effort - and the risk - let me explain what the point to go about it is. Photo Cake